Anatoly Levenchuk (ailev) wrote,
Anatoly Levenchuk

Японский органчик электон: играем двумя руками, и двумя ногами

Вот на этом видео нужно смотреть на игру ногами:

Я поглядел, а потом почитал
Playing the Electone is a physically engaging activity requiring considerable dexterity and coordination. The performer sits facing the console at a comfortable distance, with the lower manual at about elbow height and with their feet suspended slightly over the pedals. Their right hand typically plays the upper manual, while their left hand plays the lower manual, though in practice both hands may often play the same manual, especially if each mimics a different instrument or orchestral section. As they play, they may change registrations with conveniently-located finger controls located near the manuals. Their left foot plays the pedalboard with dancelike motions that can range from lively to languorous depending on the character of the music, Meanwhile, their outstretched right foot rests firmly on the expression pedal, which they pump gently in order to change the instrument's overall volume or to accent their music dynamics. When they wish to make more pronounced dynamic changes, they simply use firmer heel or toe pressure on the pedal. They may also occasionally play the pedalboard briefly with both feet. (Many Electone performers play barefoot so as to achieve greater precision with the pedals.)
А потом пошел на -- и слегка застрял. Затем поглядел рок на этих электонах в исполнении 11-летней девочки -- И мое представление об игре на автоарранжерах немного поменялось. Как есть западные мультфильмы, и есть аниме, так есть западная игра на автоаранжировщиках и игра на электонах. Официально эти инструменты продаются только в Азии, в остальных странах только "серый импорт"...

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