Anatoly Levenchuk (ailev) wrote,
Anatoly Levenchuk

Процессы и сервисы -- это две стороны одной и той же медали

Интересный текст о процессно-сервисном изоморфизме --

Я почему-то всегда примерно так думал (хотя и в немного другой терминологии, чем "изоморфизм"), но оказалось, что эту мысль нужно как-то специально объяснять:

The business folks can be talking about processes, and the IT folks can be talking about SOBAs, and at a certain level, they're talking about the same thing. The architect knows they're different concepts, of course, but conversations across the business/IT aisle no longer have to dwell on the differences.

The end result should be a better understanding of the synergies between BPM and SOA. If process specialists want to think of Business Services as process sub-tasks, then they can go right ahead. Similarly, if technical implementers prefer to think of business processes as being compositions of Services, that's fine too. And best of all, when the BPM team draws the process specification on one white board and the SOA team draws the composition specification on another, the two diagrams will look exactly alike. If that's not business/IT alignment, then what is?


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