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Новояз нынешних проектных менеджеров: meeting canceled but notes provided by:

В мире free flight и ATS много забавностей. Вот, например, трюк с "еженедельными встречами": вместо minutes такой встречи высылается бумажка типа и в этой бумажке пишется "Minutes of the Weekly Liaison’s Meeting January 28, 2003.
Meeting Canceled but notes provided by: Don Porter, GPS Rep Terminal, Dennis McGee, ARI Liaison, Mike Stone, ACD/RACD..." etc. Самое забавное, что из текста видно, что они действительно могли бы и не встречаться -- это форма прогресс-репорта, но поговорить им явно есть о чем (но это они могут сделать и лично, опираясь на информацию, почерпнутую в notes). Вот, например, как выглядит типичный notes мужика, ответственного за бюджетирование федерального уровня в проекте (чтобы было понятней -- ожидается, что частный сектор инвестирует в проект примерно 50%, а федералы -- тоже 50% от средств проекта):

Jerry Whittaker, AOZ-Free Flight Liaison

• The FY03 budget forecasts now project up to a $391 million shortfall in ATS operations. (This amount seems to grow by the week) The lack of BFOT continues to dominate the discussions in the FFPO.

• Currently there is not funding for training CPC’s on DSR software upgrades; BCC21 and URET Build II training at the Phase I sites: ZKC, ZAU, ZID, ZME, ZOB, and ZDC. Note: Some of the sites are trying to accomplish this without BFOT because they want the functionality enhancements that this provides.

• This past week, a group of senior 10th floor FAA officials discussed re-directing F&E project funding to address anticipated shortfalls in FY03 and FY04. There was discussion about disbanding Free Flight and re-directing the money to other priorities. The discussion involved moving the deployment schedule for URET to the right until FY05-06. Then move URET as a stand-alone F&E program in AUA-200. (It sounded like an FAA F&E money grab-fest.) John Thornton is working on a series of briefings for the FAA Administrator and her staff to avert this action in the coming weeks. If this idea turns into reality, the other activities that Free Flight is working on would fold up during this next year. At this point, this is only a high level discussion, with no firm decisions yet.

• URET: I spoke with Howard Blankenship, ZKC’s Facrep about BFOT for Cadre members to train developmental controllers in the Dysim. The Agency position is that this needs to be done with existing facility resources and the BFOT specified in the MOU was for conducting initial facility training, only.

• The Phase II MOU, Section 25 requires that a group be convened within 180 days of IDU to discuss incorporating URET training as a part of the initial qualification and development training. (This hasn’t occurred yet and needs to happen soon)

• I asked Denny Rose to notify the Agency formally that if NATCA doesn’t receive an Agency M-1 counter and a series of dates for negotiations on URET Phase II within the next 30 days; then all URET Phase II support activities will cease.

• The ZJX and ZFW Facreps have elected to wait for a national MOU before moving forward with their FIT activities.

• ZAU is waiting for funding for BFOT to train controllers on BCC21 and URET Build II version U2.1 before it is activated. This is a pre-requisite for expanding URET to additional sectors at ZAU. However the Agency is saying that this should be done with existing facility resources, instead of BFOT from HQ.

• All URET Phase I sites are operational w/ Inter-facility capability or IFA, except ZDC which will begin testing in February.

• Alan Weaver and Carla Marx are at ZAB for a site survey & road show then traveling to ZID on Thursday.

• TMA: The $6.7 million reduction in TMA FY03 funding impacts is still being discussed. The ZMA Cadre attempted Time Based Metering this past week and they will continue testing for 2 more weeks.

• The ATM at ZDV tried to activate TBM without completing BUE training and without the concurrence of the facility NATCA Co-Lead. Mr. Karlovich, Mike Hull and I are working on resolving this issue this week.

• ZFW is still having problems securing official time for their CTAS representative. Mr. Russell Dale. Mr. Meachum and the ATM could not agree on the amount of official time for this activity. A general agreement was discussed for 3 days per week on a regular basis, with more as needed. (The ZFW ATM wanted an additional full-time Staff position in exchange for this position- which was promptly rejected by Mr. Meachum) Mr. Dale is a national SME for TMA and may need to travel more often. Barry Sill is working on this issue with the ASW 540 branch. If this doesn’t get resolved, then Darrell Meachum will notify the ATM “that all CTAS & TBM activities will cease at ZFW, UFN”.

• CPDLC: The ZMA CPDLC/ Host outage at ZMA last week.

• Mr. Mann is still not released from ZLA. He will be traveling as needed.

• The Air Traffic CPDLC User Team “ATCUT” meeting in February at WJHTC has been cancelled and there is no firm direction for CPDLC Build 1A program, yet.
• CPDCL @ ZMA will be OTS until February 5, 2003.

• CPDLC Implementation Team (“CIT”) meeting on 1/28/03.

Other Items:
• The US Senate just approved the FAA’s FY03 funding in the Omnibus Bill for 11 Federal Agencies. Included in this bill was the FY03 FAA Appropriations for $7,047,203,000, of which $5,662,027,000 was for air traffic services program activities. Plus F&E including $2,981,022,000, of which $2,558,455,00 is available until FY05 (3 year money). This bill will go to the House and then the President for signature. However, the final amount available for Free Flight in FY03 will not be know until the joint House and Senate Conference reports are finalized in late Feb or March 2003.

• The FAA requested $142.8 million for F&E in Phase I and II in FY03. This funding is expected to be approved by the joint committee.
(Note: this doesn’t include BFOT to train CPC’s)

Обратите внимание на количество аббревиатур! Интересно, выдает ли количество аббревиатур абсолютно социалистический характер проекта или просто отражает необходимый "хайтех"? Число аббревиатур в ITS (intelligence transport systems, сухопутный аналог free flight) не многим меньше, хотя и совсем другие...

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