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TOC и SCM: господин Крупский, муж Надежды Крупской.

Я был неправ, когда указал на отсутствие Theory of Constrants в книжке "What's the big idea? Creating and capitalizing on the best management thinking." by Tomas Davenport, Lawrnce Prusak (

Они просто считают, что Теория Ограничений -- это несколько идей, которые Голдратт внес в Supply Chain Management. А уж Supply Chain Management в списке у них представлен. Вот более точно, что они об этом пишут:
The software industry is a domain in which ideas can often differentiate products, and in some cases, a software program can serve as the mechanism of distribution for an idea. i2 Technologies, a leader in software for supply-chain management and optimization, is a prime example of this phenomenon. Sanjiv Sidhu, the CEO of i2, notes, "We believe our business is about embedding ideas in software". Sidhu cofounded the business with Ken Sharma, then a fellow engineer at Texas Instruments. The two men became devotees of the Theory of Constraints, a set of supply-chain ideas laid out by Elihu Goldratt in popular books such as The Goal. Sidhu and Sharma concluded that they could not visit enough companies themselves to embed the theories into businesses, but if they wrote software enabling the ideas, the ideas could be much more widely disseminated. i2 is now a billion-dollar software company, and despite Sharmais untimely death, the Theory of Constraints is becoming pervasive in companies with complex supply chains.

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    Опубликована версия курса "Системное мышление", в которой переписан раздел "8. Графы создания". В нём добавлено множество объяснений и примеров…

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  • lytdybr

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