Anatoly Levenchuk (ailev) wrote,
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Новый спам: строительство контрактной юрисдикции в Бихаре

Появилось новое разводилово, которое может глубоко затмить нигерийских вдов: предложение вступить в контрактную юрисдикцию. Это неважно, что у организаторов нет приличных вебсайтов и вебадресов -- главное, что уже почти есть территория в Индии, где "местные власти заинтересованы построить конкурирующее государство", которое спаммеры обещают создать "на основе нового политического принципа -- коэкзистенциализма" :)

The fact to be "citizen" of a competitive government means that a citizen would have to pay their taxes to the government they choose instead of paying them to the state of Bihar. This will be a major concession done by the local government of Bihar. The concession would be all over a territory of 50 kilometer around the city of Jamshedpur and during 10 years. The area gathers more than 1,3 millions Indian soul whom 60 % are literate and 40 % English speaker. All political tendencies are represented in this population. If you want to help to promote your unknown economical and social concepts, it is the chance of you life, answer to this international petition for the freedom to have a government according our personal values.

The CPCE is in charge to evaluate the public interest for this project for the state of Bihar, and so if in answering to this petition, you will help us to prove the public interest for such an event:

NAME: (Optional)

ADDRESS: (Optional)

ZIP: ____________________ TOWN: __________________________________

TEL: ______________________

EMAIL: _______________________________



(If you are a journalist, specify the name of the newspaper, radio, web site, …)

______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________

About the CPCE
To understand how multiple governments can exist and compete on the same territory, please connect to the web site of the CPCE at:

This is the result of a long struggling of more eight years. The CPCE, a French association has finally managed to obtain the interest of the local authority for the creation of a social and political laboratory in the territory around Jamshedpur in the state of Bihar (East India). This laboratory will put in practice the coexistencialism, which is a new political theory about coexistence, stability and competition of non-territory based government.

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