Anatoly Levenchuk (ailev) wrote,
Anatoly Levenchuk

Почему в штатовских онлайн-газетах нету прямых ссылок
[[The disappearance of hyperlinks from online newspapers is due to a court case[1] in which the judge ruled that hyperlinks to copyrighted material were illegal. Although this was a ruling against the 2600 website, other online newspapers have interpreted this to mean that they too could be held accountable for links to questionable sites. But note that “the judgment did not specifically prohibit 2600 from providing non-hyperlinked URLs of web sites that provide DeCSS”, which is why you’ll find non-hyperlinked URLs at the end of, for example, some New York Times articles.]]
То есть и тут копирайт замешан.

Мне также понравилась должность у парня, отфорвардившего это письмо в рассылку по NewsML -- Standards Manager, Chief Architecture Office, Reuters.

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