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Разделение школы и государства в США: они там дергаются

WOW! …We finally did it!
You can listen in on our 10th Anniversary SepCon!

This weekend November 20th - 22nd you can listen in
live on the internet from wherever you are. This service just
dropped in our lap at the last minute, and boy are we glad.

Here is the connect information you will need to check us out:

Go to:

Look down the left column -- about five buttons -
till you find Republic

Click into this link during any of the events scheduled
and catch the buzz.

If you are not equipped to listen to webcasts on your computer
they have a link toward the bottom of the left column and the
download is free. (No need to buy the fancy version for this.)

For a list of scheduled sessions just go to
and click on schedule.

Many thanks to Wiley Drake and Republic Radio for the
opportunity to be heard by all of you.

Even if you can't be with us we hope you like the broadcast
and will tell us what you thought in the coming weeks.



Alan Schaeffer
Vice President in charge of Volunteer Services, (Alliance for the Separation of School & State)
1071 N Fulton St, Fresno CA 93728
(559) 903 - 5432 Cell Phone

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