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Уилбер, Ларри Вачовски и "Матрица"*3

Очень забавно (
Larry Wachowski, with his brother Andy, wrote and directed the enormously successful Matrix film trilogy, which has now grossed over 3 billion dollars. But Larry has consistently refused to comment on the meaning of the Matrix films, or even discuss them in public or with the media.

Until now. In the first of a series of conversations with his friend Ken Wilber, Larry has agreed to begin discussing some of the central issues of the movies, their creation, and their reception. These dialogues will be carried exclusively on Integral Naked and at Integral University.

The beginning of this discussion started when Larry asked Ken to do the Director's Commentary on all three of the Matrix movies for the Matrix DVD box set that Warner Brothers is bringing out this September. Because Larry and Andy refused to comment on the films, they asked Ken and Cornel West to do so in their stead.

So last month, Ken and Cornel flew to Los Angeles, and while watching all 3 films, gave 16 hours of commentary. This was edited down to 6 hours to fit the 3 films, and this commentary will be part of the Matrix trilogy box set soon to be released.

The Integral Naked dialogue that will be aired this Monday, July 19, is a conversation that Ken and Larry had right before Ken left for L.A. to do the commentary with Cornel. This is the first of an ongoing series of discussions that, at a future date, will deal with
some of Larry's own thoughts on the meaning of the Matrix and its reception.

If you would like to listen to this Integral Naked dialogue, please go to If you are not a member, please note the coupon on that page: you can get the first month completely free.
16 часов комментариев на двоих! А я только первый фильм посмотрел, да и то у меня комментариев даже на пять минут не набралось. :)

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