January 30th, 2005


Вызовы британского компьютерного общества

Вот они, активно обсуждающиеся сейчас "вызовы" компьютинга: http://www.bcs.org/BCS/Awards/Events/GrandChallenges/conferencereports
Там два набора "вызовов" -- в образовании, и вызовы в исследованиях. И сами забавны, и цитаты в них хороши. Например, цитата из исследования NSF 2003 года:
A new interdisciplinary work force: The need for a new workforce - a new flavor of mixed science and technology professional - is emerging. These individuals have expertise in a particular domain science area, as well as considerable expertise in computer science and mathematics. Also needed in this interdisciplinary mix are professionals who are trained to understand and address the human factors dimensions of working across disciplines, cultures, and institutions using technology-mediated collaborative tools. Prior work on computer-supported collaborative work and social dimensions of collaboratories needs to be better codified, disseminated, and applied in the design and refinement of new knowledge environments for science based on cyber infrastructure.
Я время от времени обновляю свой списочек предметов для Школы-2, это в ту же кассу.