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Naa Ree Naa vocals, Nai Nai vocals, Oi Lyu Lee vocals из Вятки

Вышла библиотека Russian Ethnic Vocals из 800 сэмплов. Теперь весь мир запоёт по-русски. Для чего? А просто with the help of this library your compositions will obtain off-center features. Библиотеку сделали в Вятке.

За $65.95 можно купить:

  • Vocal Patterns - the most significant group of samples. It includes a quantity of vocal patterns (fast, slow, soft and dynamic, etc.). Each vocal pattern is performed by the male voice, female voice and the chorus in different manner and with different lyrics. This gives an opportunity to create interesting combinations and even completed songs.

  • Voice Phrases - words, phrases, shouts (merry, sad, angry, tender, etc.) performed by a male, a female and the crowd.

  • Old Women Vocals - vocal patterns performed by old women, which is very common for Russian remote villages.

  • Old Women Phrases - words and phrases performed by an old woman.

  • Naa Ree Naa vocals, Nai Nai vocals, Oi Lyu Lee vocals - a quantity of traditional Russian vocal patterns, used in many Russian folk songs.

  • OOh AAh EEh, Hops, Melodic Screams, Whistle, Birch Bark - different voice effects.

For more information, visit their web site at

Классная идея -- наших провинциальных старушек экспортировать, как первостатейную экзотику!

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