Anatoly Levenchuk (ailev) wrote,
Anatoly Levenchuk

Ideal arranger features: contemporary view

Вот, написал про некоторый идеальный музыкальный агрегат --, но в этом форуме больше обсуждают сколько какой аппарат стоит, нежели какими бы могли эти аппараты быть . Поэтому тема там развития не получила. Сохраню сюда -- вдруг тут кому пригодится? Правда, много терминов, но те, кто в теме, поймут, например, что soloist -- это из BIAB, только realtime, конечно. А про музыкальный рендеринг я писал раньше. Ну, и так далее.

Ideal arranger features:

  • No keyborard at all. But it is not a rack: it full size and mounted on top of you preferred master keyboard. It can be up to 3 keyboards attached (up to 3-manual instrument).

  • Style morphing

  • multi-pads

  • soloists

  • Karma function for all parts

  • performance rendering for all parts (swing, nuances etc.)

  • vocal processor (harmony)

  • contemporary sound engine: samples, virtual sinth and VariPhrase-like processing. Import of sound streams from computers (USB).

  • music database with tons and tons of presets (styles and registration). Online exchange point of presets with some kind of collaborative filtering.
    Due to presets it cannot be done completely from existing modules -- it should be integrity in sounds.

  • Have "style and pad compatibility feature" with Tyros/PSR, VA, KN, SD, Genesys etc. but I do not know how to integrate it to Music database (General Midi styles? Oh, no!).

  • new modules and updates loaded via internet (like Creamware Noah) always with additions to MusicDatabase.

  • huge hard drive -- and sequencer is always on.

  • 7.1 sound (not merely stereo)

  • CD/DVD-audio-burner and MP-3/OGG encoding

  • computer integration (a lot of it own software and configuration files to existing software)

  • Real Drawbars

  • breath controller

  • extended (or modular) foot controller with pedals and switches

  • elaborated control surface with sliders, joystics, buttons etc. Big bright touch screen.

  • timers and clocks


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